Proud of the DanDaLion immersion program run in partnership with St Patrick's College, Woody Point and Redcliffe Special Schools. Helping develop community leaders with heart!

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We are a celebration of those with unique abilities - diffabilities* - and a demonstration of the value they bring to those around them as we promote and develop an inclusive community.

This is the journey and legacy of Dan (DanDaLion), supported by an organisation and team dedicated to creating opportunities for all people to redefine their value to community.

It is about exploring the perspective that having a 'Dan' in your life and the community brings.


DanDaLion Community


Friendship is one of the most basic of all human needs, but often the  hardest thing to come by for those with diffability.

If we could volunteer an hour of our time to changing someone's life through meaningful connection, it would be very special.

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Creating awareness in 'Next' generation through spelling DIFFABILITY in body english.

This project aims to introduce a new terminology and change perceptions in the community.

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Volunteering in this sector is such a powerful experience. Not only are you helping develop our Pride Members one on one. The impact you can have stretches outwards to parents, and your own personal development. 

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